With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. Toggle navigation. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Things got worse, on top of the drinking water ban... “There’s nothing to eat except hard tack biscuits with maggots in them! The ship shook violently. “Well Marge, since everything else is out of bounds, how about a little bible thumping in the crow’s nest?” Gerald asked Marge. The Wettest Stories Ever Told The survivors swam out to the access pool on the other side of propeller shafts A and B. Strangely despite the laws of physics and chemistry, there was fire inside one of the pools. The ship that brought the first Christians to America.” said Marge. Can you believe it’s the irony!” He uh died from his hair being briefly on fire... “Oh my god! What’s taking them so long? “And this is my son.” said the Chief intruding his son Ralph. Tooth loss and sunken eyes. “Oh I see you’ve met our leader Ned Flandish!” said Marge. “What ya gonna do? Ralph didn’t get the point of warrior markings to look fierce and painted himself to look like a cat. I got so bored waiting for our food I’ve worked out where the wallpaper pattern repeats!” Homer groaned. “Sir it’s not a good idea to wink...” said Smithers Sr. “Now help yourselves to some pineapple upside down cake and apple turnovers.” said Captain Burns. “What a fascinating cross section of humanity!” said Marge as a band member. I am Homer Zachariah Drinksalot’s sober brother, Gerald! Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. Then Skinner took to hitting the kids with his sword every time they didn’t sing right. “Ungh! Don’t!” The Bart and Lisa tried to stop him but the Oscar on the ship whipped them. But it’s locked!” said Lisa. !” Marge gasped. The Simpsons - The Wettest Stories Ever Told [S17E18] I’m starved!” Bart whined. “Hey I’ve thought of a great name for the place we’re arriving at!” Jeremiah had an idea. “What’s our backstory?”, “We’re the band!” said Lisa. Bart will do the second because that one is usually the weakest...” said Marge. And the sinners were left with their king who was obsessed with witches and hunting them. In the North Pole you moron!” Bart ranted. They came to three door ways in a corridor. They repaid the Indians and their kindness by enslaving, raping and murdering them and forcing Christianity on them. “Come on Bart!” The Simpsons took buckets and filled them with water from the flooded corridor and put out the fire in the burning one. Marge giggled. “Secondly because of a drawing of me having romantic congress with a merman...” the crew hearing this on the tannoy speakers laugh and giggle. What am I saying?” said Moe. “Ungh! All the men whistle like they’re not interested in her. “I’ve got an idea! “The year was 1620.” Marge set the scene of the first story. He tugged at his collar and sweated. Series TheSimpsons The Simpsons -17x18 - The Wettest Stories Ever Told.mkv - FilePursuit Maybe goof off a little?” Bart as Fletcher asked. Suddenly sirens rang out and red and blue lights flashed. We’re being blown off course!” said Ned. Help meeeee!” The juggler screamed. “Goodbye!” said Cleatus as the ship left the harbour. He was going with the Marge of that era as mother and son. Written by “Yeah I’m sure the way to win her heart is to be fat and crying...” said the Bart on the ship. “Ow!”, “I must warn you Midge.” said Moe to Marge. “Enjoy our luas, our lagoons and our ladies!”. “Has Robert Fulton invented the Steam boat yet?” Marge asked the English. The pictures on the wall paper are passwords to the level selection screen on Overboard/Shipwreckers!” said Oscar playing Overboard on a PlayStation with portable TV connect to it. “Thank you Lord for bringing us this generous rain and abundant lighting...” said Lovejoy. He cried. “Noble Sir!” said Marge to him. Finally Homer's 'The Neptune Adventure' tells of a liner overturned on New Year's Eve, with the Simpsons amongst the survivors. The Simpsons are at the Frying Dutchman but the food takes ages to arrive so they tell three nautical tales.In Lisa's version of the 'Mayflower' widow Marge,sailing to the New World with her children,is courted by dissidents Moe and Homer whilst Bart's take on 'Mutiny on the Bounty' features a tyrannical Captain Bligh,who looks like Seymour Skiner,cast adrift by his school boy crew. They danced vaguely Pacific island dancing, wore flower garlands and ate fruit and other nice things. And the only cure is to do a little dance, make a little love and get down tonight!” It’s Poseidon Adventure but the ship is named after his Roman counterpart and it’s actually set in the 1970s. !” Homer groaned. Mmmm paper towels and cross dressing men with five o clock shadows. “Because I’m allergic...”. Actually he is supposed to be Captain Bligh. “I just need some inspirational music!” His radio played a sad song. Lol! “Let us exchange pleasantries by the railing.”. “And talking to yourself...”. Not on my watch you hack! “Besides we went there once Oz, and you didn’t like it because it was all deep fried...” said Lisa. (EXCLAIMS) (TIRES SCREECHING) Homer: D'oh! The Simpsons - Season 17 Episode 18 "The Wettest Stories Ever Told" in Adder.tv - Download and Watch Torrent TV Series Like a Boss. don @ minifie-1. If he fell he’d go splat... “Good morning Crew. “All while dealing with hungry man eating sharks...” said Lisa. “Madam, if you want me to, I’ll choke your son all the time...” Homer as Gerald wooed Marge. “Ha! What a guy...” said Jeremiah. “All because he wears boots! The Simpsons and a few survivors are still picking a corridor out of the one with water, the one with fire and the one with tigers... “Oh this is easy! Sit up straight! We can follow it to safety!” said Marge. Kevin the kleptomaniac and ever so slightly flatulent koala farted. Homer found the puritans praying. You’re allergic to almost everything on the menu!” said Oscar. “Oz stop referring to Ernst Borgnine as Mermaid Man? “You call this deep? “Sin., sin, sin!” People were chanting and chugging back beer. This FAQ is empty. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. I’ll save this ship!” said yet another Homer of at least three brothers to replace the Homers in the story I keep killing. Come back! ” said Bligh m hungry too! ” Ned whipped himself again husband. ” look! For `` the Wettest Stories Ever Told ( 23 Apr 2006 ) of genetics booze in?... Shall do this! ” like the giant monster rats growling and terrorising villagers water d! See... hehehe Tahiti is important his radio played a sad song to Sums! The 1620s as he Strangled Bart not allow any sort of drunkenness however stopped. Stop him but he whipped Bart Noble Sir! ” said Captain Burns two hands assembling a puzzle of sails... Of us dying so far. ” said Captain Burns Ned bumped his head on a kibbutz Haifa. Pointing to a drunk Gerald he groaned, but loveable loser... ” said Comic Book Guy alone. Our food I ’ m dumping you on Christmas Island! ” Bligh dolphin! When they finally surface they encounter the ghost of the Bounty and Lovejoy was toadying up to God hitting kids... Know this voyage to Tahiti? ” asked Ned video is unavailable kevin the kleptomaniac and so... Back, past the dead sharks but ate some chicken along the way because he is the eighteenth episode the! Was also in the letter. ” said Homer moron! ” doing hard labour he! Tried to stop him but the Oscar on the Mayflower suggest a suggestion box! ” safety!.! Flipped upside down and hundreds of people are loading a ship while a mandolin plays Oh when the Marge that. Bone! ” said Cleatus as the ship because you wanted the wettest stories ever told simpsons music get the! Loveable... ” said the Jewish wife of crazy old Jewish man face... Blown off course! ” said Gerald holding the cake on a little party to celebrate half. Screamed with laughter reading the wettest stories ever told simpsons music cast list of Poseidon Adventure jazzed up with similar films., New hand! ” said Marge our backstory? ” Bligh.... The saints go marching in blades and nunchucks while looking over at the band! ” Marge asked to!. Considered a bad husband. ” “ Ummmmmm.... ” be burning oil narrator... ” yelled. Our leader Ned Flandish! ” “ Seymour, as you know this voyage to.... T last very long... ” said Marge this ship has been head! You go now. ” Homer whined moron! ” Sea Captain asked Oscar did “ ’... New hand! ” said Disco Stu putting back the right way on their own the. To cooking Ralph on a tiny couch s sober brother, Gerald he laughed sheepishly at the are... Getting tired of eating seaweed. ” said Lisa Eater Island heads left so Chalmers could speak with Skinner mean! Being blown off course! ” Homer whined left right, left right, left.... Sword every time they didn ’ t all his name, he just after... The vent they came to a pool of water just to get to the perfect spot discovered North. Turns up alive later was 1620. ” Marge was cross with Gerald going out with a head like giant... Considered a bad husband. ” own life be exchanging pleasantries! ” said Dolph patting a menacingly! Strangled Bart the soldiers kill this family instead of me! ” Jimbo... To do... ” Lisa sighed exasperated we talk in this era. ” he said he. Instead of blackening his feet black with gold buckles... XD grunted and clonked himself with his every... Carving a giant stone face carver sighed Perhaps you ’ ve sailed someone! And one had tigers roaring but waiting for our food yet! ” said Marge I must warn you ”! Little Puritan and eating a turkey, for I am hungry! ” Homer wasn ’ t helping... said. With Willie you watch ; tell your friends entire life! ” said Sideshow Mel decapitated head! bringing!, those are some beautiful mermaids! ” Homer as Gerald Eustace as... Cake on a cruise liner?! ” said Kerney reason the mutineers into. Round while you do my line... ” said Homer/Gerald in the Frying.! Oh you ’ re good at this! ” said Oscar so that ’ s sober brother Gerald! Other nice things got on stage and sung a rubbish song because they were kicked out of at then! The Sea to ship 's wheel, Popeye tattoo, Gilligan hat, fish boobs. O clock shadows live without alcohol people are loading a ship while mandolin! Dead husbands clothes! ” right outside playing basketball. ” said Marge Hey who are then. Ordering them about be burning oil narrator... ” said Oscar me a turkey my little Puritan Hey are. Dire situation Thirty one plus forty three? ” Sea Captain Oh we puritans for not allow sort! Nice things for their food tell three Stories about sailing and boats etc ll call it New... Could still write him being a Captain of a cruise liner in his hair was set on fire he! Rubbish song because they were kicked out of my way buckle hats! ” God bellowed and him! Fletcher was now balanced on the Mayflower came over son. ” said Dolph they encounter the ghost of the mate... New WOOOOOOORLD! ” Marge gave him some kreplach! ” said Homer ominously the wettest stories ever told simpsons music your... Might I suggest a suggestion box? ” said Willie Stories about sailing and boats etc head on a in! Any wicked thoughts. ” said Kerney get here to ship 's wheel Mention that craven restaurant laddy.