To college admissions boards, sports aren’t technically any different from any other extra-curricular activity. And find out everything you need to know about planning for college. Extracurricular Activities and College Admissions, NCAA Clearinghouse for Athletes and Performers, The NCAA Clearinghouse for Athletes and Performers, Music and Drama: How They Fit Into College Applications, Hobbies, High School Clubs and Your College Applications, Student Newspaper and Media Activities: How They Help Your College Applications, Planning Extracurricular Activities For Freshman Year, Planning Extracurricular Activities For Sophomore Year, Planning Extracurricular Activities For Junior Year, Planning Extracurricular Activities For Senior Year, College Search by State, Majors & Programs. We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies. College admission officers carefully assess your high school grades, courses, test scores, essays, activities, recommendations, and interviews, if required. Some schools like the University of Oxford and certain elite programs conduct interviews to find which candidates are more qualified to get into the school. 6 College admissions boards are aware of the level of commitment that is required for playing a varsity sport, such as soccer or softball. Mathematics and Statistics The College Board website has more information about the SAT. Most student-athletes choose to apply as part of the regular decision so they have more time to make a final decision on the program they are most interested in or get their test scores up. Sports will be the determining factor in a college admissions decision only rarely. American high schools are taking a page from the pro and college sports playbook and doing similar kinds of big money deals-- and turning their athletic programs into one of the most … This can be especially appealing for student-athletes who have done their college research and have settled on a first-choice school that fits them athletically, academically, socially and financially. If you’re looking to play Division I or Division II, register for a Certification Account with the NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly the Clearinghouse) and/or the NAIA Eligibility Center by the summer after your junior year. The interview usually starts with why you want to study in this school … To college admissions boards, sports aren’t technically any different from any other extra-curricular activity. Becoming a professional athlete / sports person If you want to become a professional sports … If you miss the federal deadline, you’re out of luck for that year. Admissions boards understand the commitment difference between JV and Varsity sports. Student Government and College Admission Insider tip: Student-athletes should consider using the Common Application, which allows you to send multiple schools the same application information at once. Registration for each test date usually opens about a month before. Luckily, all students are eligible for financial aid to supplement scholarship dollars. The last stage of the application process might be an admission interview. If you can’t provide a transcript with the graduation date included, an administrator at your high school can sign a proof of graduation and fax it to the Eligibility Center. The important part to admissions boards is the time commitment and goal-achieving skills developed in these extracurricular activities. Leadership is an important quality to college admissions boards. Chicago, IL 60642, © 2002-2021 Next College Student Athlete All Rights Reserved, NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly the Clearinghouse), eligible for financial aid to supplement scholarship dollars, Free Application for Federal Students (FAFSA), Registering for and taking the ACT and SAT, Registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center (for DI and DII) and/or the NAIA Eligibility Center, Filling out and sending in college applications, Requesting your final amateurism certification, Sending your final transcripts and proof of graduation to the Eligibility Center(s), Alien Registration Number (if you aren’t a U.S. citizen), Most recent federal income tax returns, W-2s and other record of money earned, Bank statements and record of investments. If you plan on getting a college athletic scholarship, then of course, sports help.
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